What is Cosmos?

What is Cosmos?

Cosmos Cannabis is an entrepreneurial platform that provides powerful and affordable resources for cannabis professionals. Sounds great right? What the hell does it mean? Well, it means that we are a passionate team of professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to using our skills and expertise to empower cannabis entrepreneurs.

The Coming of Age for the Cannabis Industry

The cannabis market is on the verge of ‘coming of age’. The industry is at a crossroads as it emerges from the black market and into the mainstream, the big question now is, “will the cannabis industry grow up?”

Cosmos has been involved in the industry for a while now and we have had some interesting experiences. We have spent months attending seminars, going to conferences and going to networking events. It is clear that while there is an overwhelming majority of good, honest people in the industry there is a significant amount of misinformation out there. This could be true of any industry but it is especially problematic in the cannabis industry because there is already a lot of misinformation out there left over from the ‘war on drugs’. As an industry, it’s critical to get a positive, factual message out there.

Cannabis doesn’t cure cancer. Simple as that. I wish it did, truly I do, but it doesn’t - anyone making such an assertion loses credibility instantly.  There are also legal issues to making these types of claims. Cancer is an emotive subject and is rightly treated very seriously. This may be an extreme example, and thankfully a rare one, but I’ve heard it in several cannabis-related seminars. Couple this with other worrying practices such as dismissing credible medical research and it becomes obvious that there is a need for professionalism in the cannabis industry.

But how? More oversight from investors, better training, better consultants? All are good ideas and should be investigated. There is also a need for low-cost, good advice. Many of the consultants out there do good work but they also charge exorbitant fees. Cosmos is trying to change that, we are a subscription site and we provide as much information as we can (adding more every week) for a small fee. We put emphasis on customer service and bringing professionalism to the industry.

So, what can we do? Individually, we can challenge misinformation wherever and whenever we see or hear it. As an industry, we can bring the professionalism that we have seen in other industries to this new, exciting industry. The cannabis industry is poised to be the ‘next big thing’ and we should make it an industry of which to be proud.