What is Cosmos?

Cosmos Cannabis is an entrepreneurial platform that provides powerful and affordable resources for cannabis professionals. Sounds great right? What the hell does it mean? Well, it means that we are a passionate team of professionals from diverse backgrounds committed to using our skills and expertise to empower cannabis entrepreneurs.

What Cosmos is

Cosmos is a comprehensive platform offering hundreds of valuable business and marketing resources, tools, templates and more. Cosmos is the ideal solution for the DIY canna-entreprenuer. For a small monthly fee, our clients have complete access to a personalized dashboard with all of their favorite resources at their fingertips. We’re driven to empower our clients to tell their own story, their way.

What Cosmos isn’t

Cosmos is not a full service consulting firm. We won’t hold your hand for the whole process of getting a permit but we will help you as far along the way as we can at a reasonable cost.

Comparison of Cosmos and regular cannabis consultants

Comparison of Cosmos and regular cannabis consultants

Why Cosmos?

Our industry pre-cannabis industry experience includes Morgan Stanley, UBS, Duke Energy, First Republic Bank, Pacific Gas & Electric, Robertson Stephens Investment Bank and Albertsons’ LLC to name but a few. We say this not to show off but to demonstrate that we are dedicated professionals that bring a wealth of experience to the new cannabis industry.

We have permit information for 10 recreational states, forms for localities in each of those states and information about open opportunities, we have a marketing hub that will guide you through everything from avoiding PR disasters to preparing for 4/20. Our Business Hub offers a unique and innovative business plan builder that uses information from dozens of other successful applications to guide you to the most comprehensive business plan possible. We also have an amazing marketing plan builder that will help you craft a meaningful, strategic marketing plan that makes sense for your business and target market.

How much does Cosmos cost?

You might be thinking, “this sounds amazing but it’s going to cost an arm and a leg just like every other consultant.” Cosmos does not believe in hidden fees. We got into this business because we want to see the industry succeed. We believe inclusion is the only way forward in business. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping new and upcoming cannabis entrepreneurs, as well as equity program participants. We know that its impossible to plan your business successfully without know what things cost, which is why we keep our offerings simple: We offer two plans. Clients can choose to purchase one plan for $30 a month (Marketing or Business) or both plans for $50 a month.Thats it.

Tune in next week for a sneak peek of the Marketing and Business Hubs.